Trade Our Own Money !

Next Gain Capital developed a quick and simple onboarding process for Traders. The onboarding cost is $1250 and it includes our Activation process. This program is specifically designed to empower potentially talented traders from all over the world.

Upon completion of the Activation process, you are offered an active trading position on our trading team, where you can remotely manage one of our own Nostro Accounts with a starting capital of 100,000 USD. Sign up today and jump start your journey to financial independence.

Activation Process


First step is registration. Sign up to our growth trading program and get access to the traders dashboard. Sign up fee is $1250


Once registered, you can access your traders dashboard, where you will be downloading our MT4 trading platform.

Get Funded

Upon installation, you will find a trading account fully funded with $100,000 dollars ready to go.

Become Trading Partner

Congratulations! You are now officially part of Next Gain Capital trading team. Our Traders Backroom is available to you so you can hit the ground running.

Traders Backroom

Take full advantage of our professional Traders Backroom. Here you will find our in-house real-time trading alerts and market signals around the clock.

Start Trading

It’s time to start trading! This is where your journey begins. Trade consistently to scale up your account size and multiply your profit potential.