Frequently asked question

Is there any time limit on the requirement to reach the $1000 profit target?

No. There is no time limit to reach targets. Traders can choose their own pace according to their risk preferences and trading style.

What is the first threshold for profit withdrawal?

Profit withdrawal is allowed right from the very first level. However, the profit potential grows exponentially with every level you successfully complete.

What is the cost for the registration fee and what is included?

Registration fee is $1250 and it includes our in-house training and support package, as well as our performance coaching, market analysis and trading alerts.

Do I get one-on-one performance coaching after registration?

Yes ! Once you complete our 2-step onboarding process, our in-house performance coach is immediately assigned to you for a one-on-one training session.

What exactly is the drawdown stop loss threshold, and why is it set to $800 limit?

The stop loss threshold is the loosing level in which your trading account is terminated. The $800 mark is the risk level we are willing to take on your trading activities.

Do I need any additional resources to be able to trade?

No! All the trading resources you need will be provided to you by our in-house trading academy and support package.

Can I hold positions overnight, over the weekend, and news?

Yes, we allow overnight trading and over the weekend as well. However, it is the trader’s responsibility to mind the implications of rollover swap conditions, volatility, liquidity and spreads conditions. We design our program to offer the most flexible trading fund in the forex industry, being open minded for diverse trading styles and personalities.

Why is there a participation fee?

We are dedicating a lot of resources and team effort to train and support our trading partners so they can hit the ground running. We charge a subscription fee to cover some of these costs.

What will traders receive for the next gain capital’ participation fee?

• A fully funded live trading account • Generous profit sharing payouts • Accelerated growth program • Exclusive top-level trading resources • Dedicated 24/7 support • User friendly dashboard • Unlimited access to our live trading room

How many programs can I sign up to simultaneously?

You can register for as many different programs as you want. You can even merge different accounts under one master account.

Are traders able to use their indicator and expert advisors when trading with the next gain capital?

Absolutely. We are not interested in changing your strategy or trading style, even once becoming one of our trading partners – trade using your tools and techniques, from trading scripts to indicators and ea with no limits. Your success is our success, and we support you all the way.

Will the trading support package be based on real-time trading examples?

Absolutely! All of our trading alerts, price predictions and active positions are done by professional traders in real-time.

If I reach the $800 stop loss mark, do i have to re-register and pay the fee again?

If you would like to have a second try, then the answer is yes. You would need to start all over again by re-registering, paying the subscription fee and going back to the starting point of the first level.

Can I book additional coaching sessions to improve my trading skills?

Yes you can! However, additional coaching sessions are not included in the package and will have to be financed by you, according to the advertised listing price.

Do I get to trade $100,000 dollars of real money right from the first level?

That is correct! This is not a demo account. We only provide real-live accounts funded with real money.

Do we offer a trading platform for mobile devices?

Yes. The metatrader 4 app is free and can be downloaded on the google play and apple stores. Versions are available for hd apps on tablets.

Which brokers do we trade with?

We are connected to a variety of brokers via cutting edge technology. Next gain capital trades directly through commercial liquidity providers. Confidentiality is very important to us and we keep our supplier’s identity confidential, for obvious reasons. Next gain capital provide the meta-trader 4 trading platform, which is supplied by a third party technology integrator and provides market execution via sophisticated proprietary technology.

Who legally owns the trading accounts that traders use?

Every trading account and its capital value are legally owned by next gain capital’ funded trading program. We allocate our own capital to traders on a contractor-based agreement

Is next gain capital regulated?

Next gain capital is a private fund holding ownership of a forex trading account under a regulated broker. However, there is no regulation clause to what we do, because we are not a financial institute and do not provide any financial services. We trade using our fund’s capital, with the support of our competent funded traders.

Do you accept traders from the united states?

Yes. Since we are not a broker, our relationships with our traders are legally bound by a service provider contract between the trader (the provider of the services) and the fund (the contract issuer). Our business structure allows united states traders to provide their services to our trading fund

Do I need a license to trade here?

No license is required to become a funded trader. We do not handle any 3rd party funds. As a private fund, we have the freedom to hire any legal service providers for our fund.