We Fund Our Traders

Next Gain Capital is a Funded Nostro Trading and Growth Program. We provide unique trading career opportunities for worldwide traders, including an accelerated growth plan to significantly boost capital and maximize profit potential. Our Nostro funding program was established by two professional forex traders, who’s visions were to create an affordable and reliable open career-building platform for all traders, regardless of their experience level.

We are a nostro trading fund, not a forex broker

Next gain capital is a nostro trading fund and growth program, not a broker. We do not provide retail trading accounts, we provide capital funding to individual traders.
Trading on our platform is given to prospects who wish to build a career in the trading business. Our unique program offers unparalleled advantages, such as fully funded account with no risks, no recurring fees or hidden costs, and above all, a growth scheme that is second to none.

One of a kind ! Revolutionary growth trading program

Next gain capital ultimate goal is to create a real revolution in the trading industry by building a community of highly successful independent traders who consistently achieve their financial goals and live their dream life, generating a stable stream of income every month.
We only invest funds from our self-sourced and available capital, making sure that we can provide our traders with the resources they need to accomplish their trading activities.

We are passionate forex traders from all over the world

We are passionate about discovering new trading talents, bring them onboard and help them to build a long-term successful trading career. We are very proud to have used our dedicated time and energy to turn this vision into reality.
Forex traders wanted. Join our platform to build a community of independent traders, who are motivated enough to put themselves in the driver seat and engage with one of the most exciting and rewarding professions out there.

An entrance to your new trading career

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Let’s Meet To Our Team

Next Gain Is The Biggest Forex Trading Club Over The World. Forex Traders Wanted. We Belief That Community Can Overcome More Difficulties. By Invest Capital, Hard Work And Intelligence, It’s 100% Possible To Be Success. We Have Strong Team, Technical Intelligence, Marketing Specialist And Experienced Person So Far.

Roy Levine

Co-founder and Head of trading

Roy is a renowned master analyst and trader with over 20 years of experience. He is the co-founder at Next Gain Capital. He is also the co-founder at Bulletproof Traders, an industry leading FX & Crypto trading membership site, as well as the founder of one of the most advanced trading educational programs on the market – Cross-price Matrix. Roy is a trading mentor who has been where you are now and worked his way up to the point, he was able to semi-retire and just focus on trading the markets for a living.

Djordje Medakovic

Data analysis manager

For more than 30 years, Djordje has been helping organizations analyze and derive insights from their data. Five years ago, he started a journey towards new challenges. Being able to choose, he looked for a community where I will be able to work with professional, passionate, and kind people.

Joining Next Gain Capital allowed him to share his knowledge and experience and continuously improve the expertise throughout interactions with his colleagues and clients.

Nazmul Haque

Developer and IT manager

Md Nazmul Haque Is a Full-Stack Web Developer, PHP Programmer, and Web Security specialist with 7 years of working experience.



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